2024 Plant Sale Procedure

Annually, OAGC is required to submit a list to the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) of all plant sales that will be using our Nursery Dealer’s License; licenses expire on December 31.  The purpose of the license is to ensure that consumers purchase plants that are viable, have proper labeling and are free from pests and diseases.  

If your club is planning on having a plant sale(s) this year, submit your club’s information using this preferred form 2024 OAGC Club Plant Sale Submission Form  Aside from this link, it can also be found on our website (Members tab; drop down to Member Gateway, select Members’ Area) and will become activated on January 1, 2024.  Completing this simple form mutually helps both your State Treasurer and State Horticulture Chair (by eliminating the need to retype information submitted otherwise) and your club because the responder will receive a copy of their submission, which can always be edited.  No one wants to do extra work; we’d all rather spend the time gardening, right?

Once the sale information is received, a copy of the license will be emailed from OAGC Treasurer Vicky Puster.  For the duration of your sale, please visibly post your club’s copy and be sure to adhere to its purpose.

In early April, all public plant sales will be published as a spreadsheet on our website (Events tab; drop down to Plant Sales).  Please submit your information by March 30, 2024 for inclusion.  This publication is available to all of our website visitors, and is not exclusive to our membership only. Thereafter, the spreadsheet will be updated as needed.  

Thank you and best wishes for a successful and prosperous sale!  

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