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Flower Show Department

From the OAGC motto of “Knowing, Growing, Showing and Sharing,” flower shows feature the “showing” and the “growing.” Whether at the state or local level, a flower show highlights the talent and skill of designers and growers both within and outside of OAGC and brings about public awareness educational opportunities for learning within the organization. The Flower Show Book Contest (with seven classes) falls under the direction of this department.

faqs about flower shows

What is a flower show? It is an event in which a gardener can exhibit their horticulture and/ or their artistic designs.

Why do we have flower shows? To promote interest in horticulture and artistic design and to educate the public.

Who can enter a flower show? It depends on how a flower show schedule is written. The schedule may say the show is a garden club show and only members can exhibit. Or a schedule might say the show is open to the public.

What is a flower show schedule? The flower show schedule is a written plan of the show which contains the individuals classes showcased in the show and all the rules that govern the show.

There are many types of flower shows. Depending on how the flower show schedule is written and where it is held determines the type of show. One could have a club show, a show that is held at a county fair, a local standard show or a specialized type of show which might feature certain plants or designs. Example it could be a dahlia show only showcasing dahlias or a show with only artistic designs. A winter or Christmas show could be planned.

Awards and placements are usually given at a flower show. The flower shows are evaluated by an accredited Ohio Association of Garden Clubs judge in accordance with the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs Handbook for Exhibitors and Judges. 

For more information on flower shows and how to be involved contact us.

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