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Peruse these tips provided by OAGC’s regional horticulture chairs.  The tips are relevant for the current growing season, however they will change on a monthly basis, every Third Thursday.  Check back often!

Ever wonder how and when to water?

Use the three-second rule when watering. For most edible plants, it is best to water just the soil. Watering the leaves can contribute to the development of diseases. The easiest trick is to drench the area until the water is pooled on the soil. Count to three. If the water stays pooled, that’s enough water for those thirsty roots!

When deciding how often to water, take into consideration these variables: 

  • How hot is the temperature outside?

  • Did you use mulch around your plants?

  • What part of the season is it?

  • What has the weather been like?

BUT… your plants will tell you when they are thirsty! 

If the leaves are drooping, it’s time for a little refreshment!

How can I give my garden a head start and make sure my garden is successful?

  1. Allow for ample space during planting. 

  2. Water plants regularly, especially during hot, dry weather. 

  3. Fertilize plants regularly, if needed. 

  4. Clear weeds from your garden regularly. 

  5. Protect plants from pests and diseases, which can damage or even kill plants.

These basic rules are sometimes forgotten when living our busy lives! Sometimes we need to say….. “Into the garden I go, to lose my mind and find my soul!” Enjoy!

Almost Time to Save Those (Flower) Seeds!!

When gathering seeds, always take them from the largest, healthiest blooms. Leave the flower on the plant until it is completely faded and the seed head is dry. Then remove the head and place it on a paper plate to dry. Shake out the seeds into a bag and store them in a cool dry place. Make sure you label them with the date, color and variety to make planning and planting next Spring a breeze.

All tips by Marti Reed, Region 8 Horticulture Chair

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